Our catering services are tailor-made to suite your taste, budget and requirements. We provide home delivery as well as outdoor catering services to wherever you are located.

Your food will be freshly cooked, hygienically packed and carefully delivered in hot packs to your location. We preserve even the delicious aromas that come from your food during cooking, for your taste.


If you are visiting Pondy (we prefer to call it Pondy in the typical local dialect, as against the official Puducherry) you must try our seafood cuisine. Our assortment of Nethili meen curry, thokku and fry, Yera, Aali, Vanjaram all deliciously cooked in the most exclusive Indian spices and preserved in the typical Pondicherry fashion, you are going to be spoilt for choice!

Our aim is to provide typical South Indian food that will be as close to your home cooked food. Especially if you are a tourist, we want you to feel at home in our beloved city, Pondy.

Our prices are some of the least in the industry. But the value we deliver far surpasses the cost you will be paying.


We cook some of the most exotic chicken dishes in Pondy and the entire South India. We follow the ancient and traditional style of cooking chicken which has been handed over to at least 50 generations! All the spices (masala) we use during cooking is hand-made from hand-picked spices. This process itself is top secret and never discussed outside of the family.

We use only the most healthy and strong chicken for cooking. Our purchase process itself is long and lengthy because we are so choosy. We use both Nati Kozhi as well as the best broiler chicken for cooking.

Check out our chicken 65, chicken curry, chicken liver-fry, chicken kabab, chilli chicken, pepper chicken and a lot more. Place your order at least 2 to 3 hours in advance. Of course, we can handle shorter headsup too.


The kind of things our chef does with mutton is unbelievable. Mutton Sukka, Mutton Brain Fry, Mutton Liver Fry, Mutton Curry, Mutton Gravy along with even simple plan white Basmati rice will leave you longing for more.

The thing about mutton dishes is that you can have it with our Pondicherry Special Dum Biryani or just plan white rice. You can even have it with Idlis, Dosas and Vadas. You can even have it with bread. Actually, you can have our mutton dishes with anything you want and it'll taste just as good.

We take greate care while selecting the ingredients for your food. All food items are hygienically handled and packed in the best material. We care about your health.


"An egg a day keeps the doctor away". We've heard that too. But when it comes to serving you with some of the best egg dishes, there's no limit to our imagination. We literally invent new dishes as we go along. And oh! if you're only thinking about chicken eggs, wake up! How about duck eggs? or Emu eggs? Sometimes, we even stock eggs of some exotic varities. Check with us when you place your order.

We make hundreds of varities of egg omlettes. Egg burgis are favorites among our French tourists and they keep comming back for more.

If you are in a hurry, we can whip up a quick, spicy Egg masala in hot gravy which you can have with your bread or plain white rice. Just dig boiled eggs? We hide boiled eggs inside your rice to give you a surprise! Next time you order anything from us, check for hidden boiled eggs.


Any trip to South India, especially Pondicherry, will be incomplete if you have not tasted Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Vada, Upma and the likes. With hundreds of varieties of dosas that come in various sizes, you will need at least a week to try out even only the most popular varities of dosa. Masala Dosa, Foot-long Paper Roast Masala Dosa, Set Dosa, Egg Dosa, Butter Roast Dosa, Cheese Dosa, Palak Dosa and the list goes on. Idlis? Well how about Khusboo idlis? Or mini-idlis? Rava idlis? All this with the deadly coconut chutney and our super special green sambar? Try it to believe it.

Vada in its different avataars in a bowl of steaming hot sambaar will leave you fully energized in the evenings when you have it along with a nice hot glass of filter coffee. (Yes, we said "glass of coffee" because out here, coffee is served in steel mini glasses in a bowl).

Pongal also comes in different varieties. You can try a combination of all these dishes if you wish. But before all that - pick up the phone and call us to book your order.


Two-wheeler rentals are among our most popular services. Tell us what you need and we will get it for you. We have our own fleet of Royal Enfield Bullet, Harley Davidsons, Yamahas, Suzukis and Hondas for your attention. Like scooters? No problem! We can get it for you too. Even if you like those awesome legacy models, just tell us and we'll take care of the rest.

Apart from motorcycle bike rentals, we also rent out tuk-tuks, which are essentially three-wheeler vehicles, called just "auto" by the local population in Pondy. Outside of Pondicherry, these are also called "Tuk-Tuk".

Some tourist prefer to go green and be environment friendly. In that case, just hire a bicycle and go where you please. Of course, you must remember to return whatever you have taken on time,so that it doesnt incur additional costs. for you.


Pondicherry is rich in culture - the native South Indian Tamils culture intertwined with the past colonial French culture makes it an interesting place to visit, live and study in.

Starting with Auroville, the Pondy beach, Gandhi Salai, Pondy Museum, there are a number of places a tourist may not even know exists in Pondy. But we, being expert tourist guides in Pondicherry, can take you to the most exotic locations and give you th full history of the location.

Our guided tours are highly in demand among international tourists because we can communicate with them in spite of the language barriers. Talk to one of our representatives today or just drop us an email for more information.


The Pondicherry shoreline lines up with the Bay of Bengal all along the ECR (East Coast Road). If you are looking for an unforgetable ride into the sea on one of the fishing boats, talk to us and we will set it up for you.

How about going on your own private little fishing trip on one of the Pondy fishing boats? We can get the local fisherfolk to give you some gyaan (inputs) about where and how to get the best fish.

Book a boat ride with us on your next trip to Pondicherry and we'll make sure it will be a memorable one.


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  • By Pankaj D

    We went for a 5 day trip to Pondy and it was all arranged by the East Coast Tourism & Catering team. They not only arranged for our stay in a cheap but comfortable lodge, but also made sure we got fresh and hygienic home-cooked food as well. Thank you!

  • By Pallavi R

    I travelled to Pondy with my husband and son for the first time - but I never felt like I was new to the place. Thanks to the ECTC team - we felt safe and well looked after. The Pondicherry Dum Biryani was really special. Awesome.

  • By Kate M

    My partner and I contacted ECTC before we started from Germany - they helped us to plan our trip down to the minutest detail. We not only got a taste of authentic South Indian food, but also got to see some wonderful places, we never even knew existed in Pondy. Wow!